What is ERP Anyway?

Fire up your web browser and Google ERP, and while you’ll find a ton of information, you’ll also see that most of the definitions are conflicting. You’ll also notice a distinct mix of “old school” articles mixed in with other information that’s touting cloud computing and other more contemporary thinking.  Every site sports it’s own definition of ERP, and one person’s explanation of ERP is wildly different than the next. Continue reading

Save the Planet and Your Budget with Energy Monitoring

People are become more and more aware that our resources, including energy, are not going to last forever. As a result, consumers are increasingly putting more effort into conservation of all types of things… the environment, the ozone layer, and of course, energy.

If your particular interest is energy, there are tools are out there to help us conserve, such as energy monitoring and recycling. Continue reading

Should You Move Up from Shared Hosting to a VPS?

If you’re using shared hosting, and found yourself wanting either better performance, or more flexibility, the next obvious step up is a Virtual Private Server (VPS).  A VPS is a logical “slice” of a real server.   Basically, hosting companies like hostinghq take a single physical server and load a special piece of software on it that allows them to install a number of separate instances of Linux on the same box.  Continue reading

Adding Back our RSS Feed Directory

You might have remembered back when Centibuzz featured an rss feed directory of user-submitted blogs.  Sadly, that feature was dropped years ago when we moved from a home grown platform and onto wordpress.   Thanks to an interesting product called Gravity Forms, we may be able to bring the directory back.

One of the features required for a decent user-submitted directory is a form based process to sign up.  Because we needed deep functionality like admin approval of submissions, as well as form validation, there wasn’t much available, until we found Gravity Forms (note that WP couponshop usually has a promo code) Continue reading

Virgin Versus Cricket: Who’s Got the Best Prepaid iPhone?

The short answer: You can’t really go wrong.  Both Cricket and Virgin’s offerings deliver the ability to cut your costs as compared contract plans with Sprint,  AT&T, or Verizon.  We searched for a Virgin mobile promo code, and discounts from Cricket, but the current deal appears to be their “best and final”.  That said, both offers do have an upfront “catch” that you’ll have to contend with. Continue reading

Featured Site: General Finances

This featured feed is from GeneralFinances.com, a money-saving  site that aggregates posts form a variety of personal finance blogs and places them into categories pages that cover Insurance, Mortgage, Taxes, Debt Reduction, Family Finance, and more.

Aside from aggregating feeds from other sites, General Finances also has tons of it’s own helpful money-saving tips.  The most recent of them is featured below: